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The Vampire Facial™ Procedure

The Vampire Facial™ procedure uses the same blood-derived growth factors used in the Vampire Facelift ® procedure.

The difference is that with the Vampire Facial™ the physician applies the PRP topically. With the Vampire Facelift ® the physician injects the PRP into the face and combines it with an HA filler (like Juvederm).

In both of these procedures, the material must be used in the proper way or the results will not be very good. Only certified physicians are authorized to do the procedures and use the names (these procedures are protected by the US Patent and Trademark office)

Other procedures using blood-derived growth factors include the following:

The O-Shot ® for rejuvenation of vaginal tissue to help with stress incontinence and to improve sexual response.
The Vampire Breast Lift  ® to improve the shape of the breast.

Peace & health,

Charles Runels, MD
Inventor of the Vampire Facelift™

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