Microneedling with PRP (as done with the Vampire Facial®) Superior to Microneedling with Water

In this important research project, the investigators graded the improvement with scaring using microneedling combined with water compared with microneedling combined with PRP using the Vampire Facial® technique.  The Vampire Facial® gave a superior result.  Here's the research for you to read (click)<--

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Vampire Facial on Fox News…

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Here's some of the vast amount of research backing it up....

1. Showing that PRP with microneedling works better than vitamin C serum with microneedling (click)<--

2. Showing that the Vampire Facial® (miro-needling combined with PRP in a very specific way) works to help with wrinkles and to tighten the skin (click)<--

3. Here researchers compare micro-needling with PRP vs micro-needling with saline (click)<--

Much more research can be found, but these represent the sorts of results being seeen.

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